Eat Your Veggies

April 7 - May 22nd, 2016 at Studio 126

Eat Your Veggies is an exploration of the world of vegetables. Hosted by Studio 126, it is a multi-artist, multi-medium exhibition.  I am showing 5 works in two separate thematic series.

Winter Vegetables Series

When contemplating and preparing works for this exhibition, I was struck that we were in the dead of winter, when relatively speaking, vegetables are scarce. I selected winter vegetables and shot them in a somewhat bleak, dark setting to reflect the time of year. The pops ofcolour in the muted background emphasize the colour, both literally and figuratively that vegetables bring to our meals and lives at this darkest time of year. In “Weighing Parsnips”, I chose the scale to connote the value of vegetables, particularly lately, when we are facing higher prices, while the human hand reminds us that it is often a farmer or supplier that is key to bringing these beauties to us. Ultimately these works celebrate the beauty of vegetables and of the natural world.


Artichoke Portrait Series

The artichoke portraits exalt the beauty of this product of the natural world. Vegetables are prized not only for their nutrition but also for their beauty, which is reflected in the heroic composition. The dark tones and moody sensuality celebrate the mystery of this spiny vegetable as it reveals its soft interior. As in much of my work, simplicity, shape and form are emphasized.


To purchase artwork from The Eat Your Veggies Exhibition after May 22nd, 2016, please contact  info@helenamcmurdo.com


The Nostalgia of Food

February 5 - March 1, 2015 at Studio 126

The Nostalgia of Food is a group art exhibition. The artists, using various mediums, explore the theme of nostalgia as it relates to food and food experiences, whether it's from a personal view or that of our society.

For this series, Helena's work explores personal experience and memories as well as relationships between food growers and makers. 


To purchase artwork from The Nostalgia of Food Exhibition after March 1st, 2015 please contact  info@helenamcmurdo.com